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Net Fixed Assets

What are Net Fixed Assets? Net Fixed Assets is a valuation of the net book value of all fixed assets. This is done by taking the historical cost of the the assets and subtracting depreciation. Think of a car that you have purchased. You may of bought it new for $20k. Two years later that …

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Permanent Current Asset

What is a Permanent Current Asset? A permanent current asset is the minimum amount of current assets a business needs in order to continue operating. Cash, accounts receivable and inventory being examples. A certain amount is needed for the business to carry on working. As an example, a business may not have enough cash or …

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Sundry Debtors

Sundry debtors are clients/customers that rarely make a purchase on credit. They will show up as a single line on your Trade Debtors report. For example say your business was a Corporate Travel Agent. You may have clients who book hundreds of flights and hotel stays with you a month. These clients would all have …

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